Utilities available

At emmtec you are provided with a broad variety of utilities which you may choose from, according to your individual requirements. The primary principle of emmtec is to ensure a reliable and efficient supply based on excellent infrastructure.
  • Electricity
    • 60MW of electrical power
    • Black start facilities available
  • Steam
    • 2 power plants, each capable of 100t/h
    • Available pressure ranges up to 30 bar
  • Sewage plant
    • Large amounts of wastewater, up to 150,000 population equivalent
    • Varying degrees and quantities of contaminants can be purified
    • All areas of the park are connected to the wastewater treatment
  • Water of different qualities
    • Process water
    • Demineralized water
    • Drinking water
  • Chilled water
  • Natural gas
  • Nitrogen
  • Compressed air