Political Framework & Regional Support

The city of Emmen provides extensive assistance to companies investing at emmtec. Further support is provided by the regional development agency NOM as well as by the people in the Emmen region.
  • City of Emmen
    • Assistance with the application of building and operating permits
    • Support with the application of subsidies
    • Provision of contacts to schools, authorities, residential property companies etc.
    • Introduction of new employees into the city of Emmen
    • One central contact person at the municipality of Emmen dedicated to one company – handling of enquiries usually within 24 hours
    • Training of people as required by UWV Emmen
    • €3.5 million budget for the education and training of people
  • NOM – Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands
    • Core aim: strengthen the northern economy
    • Provision of access to a broad network of business partners and government institutions, information and practical assistance
    • Support of businesses by means of share capital and/or subordinated loans and advice or assistance respectively
    • Utilization of an extensive network, knowledge and expertise to bring parties together to develop ideas and convert them into innovative products
  • People in Emmen
    • High social acceptance of industry among the population
    • More than 20% of the working population in Emmen is employed in the industrial sector, 80% of these employees are shift working