COCI Emmen

emmtec has been awarded with the COCI label by the Dutch government. This label expresses the availability of extensive expertise in research and application in one place and in one particular field, which is shared among companies, institutions and people. In case of emmtec, this expertise lies in the field of polymers.
  • emmtec helps your business to convert your innovative ideas into marketable products
  • By combining research and practical application, emmtec aims to stimulate the development of smart (green) materials, such as polymers, fibres and composites
  • You can make use of the facilities and knowledge of the businesses located at emmtec, the on-site laboratory as well as of the Stenden University and its various partnering universities
  • emmtec also supports you in the upscaling of your production
  • Furthermore, you can benefit from increased funding opportunities for your business provided through the COCI label