Competence Network

Regional universities, research institutes, on-site companies and other institutions form a strong competence network in the field of polymers – particularly bio-polymers – at emmtec.

EMMTEC services
EMMTEC services as operator and main service provider at emmtec supports companies on site with comprehensive services and utilities.
GETEC group
GETEC and its subsidiaries and holding companies offer the entire range of energy services and associated system solutions.
Stenden Pre
Stenden PRE (Polymore Research & Education) with focus on on Bio-Polymers, Bio-Composites, Smart Materials, Recycling and Upcycling.
Stenden Hogeschool with programs in plastics technology & research (BSc.) and Polymer Engineering (MSc.).
Senbis Polymer Innovations with strong competence in application development, particularly with regard to (bio-based) fibers and yarns.
Strong network of polymer-related companies on site, including global players like DSM, Teijin and Low&Bonar.